When a Tailgunner and Sabotage Saved a B-17

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1943 in the Skies over Germany

It’s July 30th 1943 in the skies over Germany and a B-17 named Tondelayo is under attack. In the back is tailgunner Michael L Arooth. Mike as he is known to the crew is ready as the German Me 109s and FW190s come in.. Sometimes 4 at a time. Mike fires away at the mass of German fighters as do the rest of the formation as today there are 186 Flying fortresses and 123 P-47 Thunderbolts in a raid upon German factories.
Getting hit by heavy fire, many of the crew bail. Mike fought on battling the Germans and lack of oxygen. In the end though the plane would have been brought down if it weren’t for the actions of an unknown munitions worker who was forced to work for the Germans.
Credit to : Yarnhub

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