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Iceland in the 1930s

Remastered scenes showing Iceland in the 1930s. First, we see the capital Reykjavik from the air. Next: Street life in Reykjavik with cars and people. M/S “Dr. Alexandrine” at quay. Everyday life in the harbor. The bus station. Hot springs and large outdoor washing in a hot spring in a “washing machine”. Modern swimming pool in Reykjavik, open-air swimmers and a private swimming pool. Horses in the countryside, farm with cattle.
Fishing is Iceland’s main industry. The herring fishery alone brings in DKK 20-25 million for Iceland in a few summer months. Seascapes with many fishing vessels. Schools of herring ripple the surface of the water. Boats cooperate with the net and catch herring in a circle, they ‘tighten’ the net, and large quantities of herring are lifted from the sea. The cargo is sailed into Siglufjord, Iceland’s headquarters for the herring industry. Working life and great bustle in Siglufjord. The different work processes for men, women, young and old are depicted – herring is cleaned, salted, and put into barrels. Sunday promenade in Siglufjord, where there are mountains of herring barrels.
When autumn approaches, sheep and horses are driven together. Flocks of sheep and horses are kept in paddocks.

Vivid History is dedicated to restoring old black and white footage and creating high-quality colorized versions to give you an authentic and vivid experience of the past.

The video has been restored and colorized using state-of-the-art machine learning methods.
The restoration steps included:
– motion stabilization
– noise reduction
– colorization
– frame interpolation for increased FPS
– upscaling to 4K
– adding ambient sound
Credit to : Vivid History

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