UK Christmas in 1958, HD from 35mm

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UK Christmas in 1958

Christmas shop window display, oriental inspired. EXT Liberty & Co, hanging lanterns. Christmas decorations. EXT Selfridges, large statue of Father Christmas, Santa Claus waving. INT boy sits on Santa’s knee, boy talking to Santa. CU Santa with very shiny face. INT lovely shot man and woman Christmas shopping, holding wrapped presents. EXT NIGHT Trafalgar Square, Christmas tree. Nice shot silhouette residential houses at night, smoke from chimney, one light just seen, could be London suburbs. NIGHT EXT house, group of carol singers gathered. Man and woman walk out of old old building to listen. Creepy child with face in window, looking out for Santa. Group of old and young people holding torches singing, carolling. Village, snow, children dragging sledges along, winter wonderland, snowball fight in BG. INT pub, chef carrying pig’s head on platter, roast turkey. Family sat at table wearing Christmas hats, Christmas dinner, Christmas party. CU chef carving turkey. Man puts log on roaring fire, cosy pub, CU fire. Village, snowy, stone cottages, lone man walks along street with dog.

Credit BBC Arhive

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