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Sunblest Bakeries Present – Our Daily Bread

Wheat fields; C/Us of ears of wheat growing. Sheep being herded along road. Shepherd speaks to farmer (?) carrying eggs. Farmer walks up empty village street. Rector goes into pub. People chatting and drinking inside. Rector chats to two men talking about wheat production – one is from Canada. They all talk about the harvest festival ceremony to be held in the pub. They look at the display for this year – bread baked in the shape of corn bales and vegetables spread on a table. Landlord bangs glass on bar for quiet, then the service begins. Everyone stands and sings hymn ‘Come Ye Thankful People, Come’. Shots of village at dusk. People in pub say ‘Our Father’ prayer.

Several shots show wheat on cargo ship, coming from Canada to Southampton and transported by trucks to Sunblest’s southern mills. Mill buildings – look quite traditional, incorporating a water mill. Miller (man we saw in the pub earlier) talks to lorry driver about the load which is tipped out into vats. Man and another worker examine grains. Several shots of machinery sifting and weighing the grains. River runs under the mill; shot of machinery turning. Footage of grains running through machinery, being broken down, sifted and purified. Workers fill and tie sacks of flour then drop them down a chute.

In the Sunblest laboratories we see scientists at work, testing miniature machinery and flour quality. A special machine tests dough mixture strength. Scientist look at graphs. At Sunblest bakery, men in white coats look at huge electronically-controlled machines that turn the flour into dough. Flour is unloaded from container lorry. Man walks past huge storage bins in warehouse. Shots of machinery and buttons. Dough mixture is turned out of large vat in dough rooms. Soya flour, milk powder and fat are measured out and put into vat with flour. Shot of water and yeast mixture in a vat.

Credit to : British Pathe

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