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The Oval

Within The Oval is a short 1950s film from the New York Central System that provides an overview of the company and its place in the railroad industry. The film reviews the people, places, and operations that make up the New York Central System, and features a number of shots of the company’s fleet of engines (02:39), including the Empire (00:35), a streamlined locomotive (00:46), the Commodore Vanderbilt (02:41), a Mohawk (15:56), and an ALCO Pacemaker (02:28; 16:15). The film discusses the various U.S. states and Canadian provinces where the company operates, and shows footage of related places, which includes the Ralston Purina Chows factory (01:25), New York City (01:33), agriculture lands, and more. A map of the New York Central System’s lines shows the reach the company has (02:00). Freight trains (03:34), without the widely recognized engine names, feature steam, electric, and diesel electric locomotives. At a rail yard (04:12), cars are moved. Coaches, diners, sleepers, and other cars are designed for the company’s passenger trains, while the freight trains (04:36) feature boxcars, stock cars, and other cars specific to transporting freight.
Credit to : PeriscopeFilm

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