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Housing in Dublin

A look at the critical state of public housing in Dublin in 1964. Reporter John O’Donoghue talks to people who are being moved from their city centre homes to new houses in the suburbs.
The film opens with a row of dilapidated cottages in Dublin city centre. Reporter John O’Donoghue describes how people have been moving out of these cottages to new homes. There are various shots of run down Georgian houses in Dublin.
John O’Donoghue talks with women who are being moved out of their city centre homes which have been condemned and with families who are being housed in an army barracks by the Dublin Health Authority. They describe the conditions they are living in and their chances of getting a home of their own.
John O’Donoghue talks to one man who moved out of the barracks because of the conditions there and is now living in a tent to protest at the lack of housing in Dublin. A woman describes how she and her husband moved back from England but has not been able to get a house and now two of her children are sick in hospital.
The final part of the film looks at newly built corporation houses in Finglas and talks to the residents who have moved there from the city centre. The families speak about their new lives and new homes.

Credit to : Dublin Tales

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