AWOL: A Film-Manifesto Against the Vietnam War (1969)

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Manifesto Against the Vietnam War

A powerful documentary explaining why so many young men went AWOL ( Absent Without Official Leave) during the Vietnam War. It starts with testimonies from young men of draft age during the war who explain the purpose and procedures of basic military training. “It keeps us from talking to each other about the political purpose of our army. Its the only way the military will be sure of us. That we’ll do their work without question”, a young man admits.

The testimonies continue, focusing on the Vietnam war and the other wars the United States were engaged in. Young men explain how the US goes to war to exploit countries rich in natural resources – the powerful will create oppressive conditions, will divide whites from blacks, men from women, and do anything possible to protect their interests..

(from the Prelinger Archives – public domain film)

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