New York’s Waterfront (1947)

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New York’s Waterfront (1947) Footage

1930s, New York City, Manhattan, New York Harbor, waterfront, docks, ocean liners, passenger ships, steamships, onlookers on pier waving to SS Reliance, liner crew at work, captain, men climbing mast, liner POV Manhattan skyline, tug boats, liner in quarantine being inspected, cleared liner proceeding up harbor, tug boats assisting liner in docking, reporters, photographers and cameramen clambering to interview disembarking celebrity, dockhands, longshoremen, baggage being unloaded, President Roosevelt Staten Island Ferry, ferry POV liners docked at White Star Line piers, Statue of Liberty from wheelhouse, Sailors’ Snug Harbor on Staten Island, retired sailors sitting down for meal, playing cards, reading, making belts and model ships.

Credit travel film archive

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